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Social Determinants of Health Symposium

The fifth Social Determinants of Health Symposium is scheduled for April 25, 2016. The focus of the symposium will be race, racism and the healing of Baltimore. Planning is currently underway for the event, and details will be shared here and in our weekly newsletter as available. 

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Read summaries from the planning meetings for the 2016 symposium:
            first planning meeting (Sept. 17)
            second planning meeting (Oct. 22)
            follow up to the second planning meeting (Oct. 27)
            third planning meeting (TBA)

Social determinants of health are conditions in the neighborhood or society in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect their health and well-being. Living with poverty, violence and racism are just three examples of conditions that can affect health, often in profound ways.

In Baltimore, people living just five miles apart can have a 20-year difference in life expectancy due to these conditions.

The Social Determinants of Health Symposium was established in 2012 by the Johns Hopkins Office of the Provost to examine the root causes of health inequalities in Baltimore and to identify evidence-based strategies that have been effective locally and nationally.

Our objectives in hosting this annual event:
•   To create a learning opportunity that will bring together Hopkins faculty, administrators, students, engaged community residents, service professionals and leaders to increase awareness and to collectively identify the central social and neighborhood factors that contribute to the inequalities of health seen in Baltimore.
   To bring together experts (researchers and practitioners) from all relevant sectors to share evidence-based strategies that promote health equity at the community level.
   To highlight innovative partnerships for research and service delivery that address the social determinants of health.
   To identify priorities for Baltimore over the next few years to address the social determinants of health.
   To strengthen existing relationships and foster new ones among and between Johns Hopkins and community partners that together reduce the health inequalities that characterize Baltimore and many American cities.

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