Eddie is one of numerous individuals who will be leading a roundtable discussion at the Urban Health Institute’s Third Annual Social Determinants of Health Symposium, Squandered Resources: Incarceration—Its Costs, Consequences and Alternatives, co-hosted with the Office of the Provost. The event is on April 28th and is open to public online registration.

After 43 years and 11 months behind bars, Marshall Edward Conway, or “Eddie,” became a free man on March 4, 2014. Eddie’s story has been widely publicized, covered by the media and political groups, as he is one of the numerous political prisoners across the country from the 1970’s Black Panther Party who is now being released. The wave of releases is a result of the May 2012 Unger v. State ruling in the Maryland Court of Appeals, which applied retroactively to several cases, including Eddie’s....Read more