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   Hopkins in Baltimore Series

Join us for the 4th Hopkins in Baltimore series event, co-sponsored by the School of Education and UHI

         What's Education Got to Do With It?
Freddie Gray, Race and the Baltimore Uprising

                  Monday, February 29, from 4:30 to 6 p.m.
Johns Hopkins University School of Education, The Great Hall,
              2800 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218


The forum will begin with a short talk addressing the connections between the educational system and the Baltimore Uprising, followed by three panelists responding to the ideas expressed in the talk. This will provide the starting point for a broader discussion of the role that the School of Education can play in addressing the conditions that led to the Uprising.

Guest Lecturer:

Adrienne D. Dixson
Associate Professor, Critical Race Theory and Education
Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Dixson currently serves as an Associate Professor of Critical Race Theory and Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research examines culturally relevant pedagogy, educational equity, school reform, and race in urban schooling contexts particularly in the urban south. Dr. Dixon is interested in how educational equity is mediated more

Responding panelists:
Norma Day-Vines

Norma Day-Vines
Professor, Counseling and Human Services
Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Dr. Norma Day-Vines has published widely on counseling strategies for working more effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse children and adolescents, with a special emphasis on African American youngsters. She developed the Continuum of Broaching Behavior, a conceptual framework for examining how counselors explore... read more

Lester Spence

Lester Spence
Associate Professor, Political Science and Africana Studies
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Lester Spence specializes in the study of black, racial, and urban politics. Over the past decade he's published articles on American institutional legitimacy in the wake of the contentious 2000 Presidential election, the effects of long-term black political empowerment on black participation, the role of media narratives on black attitudes... read more

David Steiner

David Steiner
Professor and Executive Director
the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. David Steiner has a unique record of achievement as a policy leader, education reformer and scholar. He directs the Institute for Education Policy, a new endeavor that seeks to integrate the worlds of the teacher, researcher and policy-maker. He will bring these often-disparate communities together in the service of excellence and equity for all American children. To do so, we believe that policy must be informed by evidence and... read more

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