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2017 Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award
Nomination Submission Information

Nominations Due:July 31, 2017, no later than 5:00 p.m. 
submitted to
Winner Announced Publicly:October 7, 2017
at the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture in Turner Auditorium

Download / Print the Call for Nominations

Applications must be no more than five pages (single-spaced, 12-point font) and must be submitted via email. The application must include the following information (in order):

Henrietta Lacks photo1. Application Cover Page (not included in page limit):
     •  Title/name of partners
     •  Primary contact person for the award nomination
     •  How you learned about the award

2. Brief summary of project
     •  Should not exceed 200 words.

3. Description of the Partnership:
     •  History of the Collaboration: Describe how the team originated and role of the partners involved in the collaboration.
     •  Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives: Describe the mission, vision, goals, and objectives of the partnership and how they were developed.
     •  Structure: Describe the administrative/financial structure that supports the work of the team and how decisions are made.
     •  Current Funding: Describe how the work is currently funded and the decisions are made when securing new/additional funding.
     •  Major Accomplishments: Describe a few of the major achievements of this collaborative effort.
     •  Impact: Describe the impact of the work of this partnership, including any program results, success stories, additional funding to continue the work, etc.
     •  Sustainability: Describe plan for continuing the work of the collaboration in the future.

4. Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award:
In a sentence or two, please share how the funds will be used if your team is selected to receive this award.

5. References:
Provide the names and contact information of three individuals who are familiar with the collaboration.

How will the award winners be selected?

Nominations will be reviewed by university and community leaders who serve on the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award Selection Committee. Decisions will be made based upon the information described in this announcement.  The review is a three-step process.

The first step will ensure the submission is complete and follows the guidelines above regarding page limits and formatting.  Those who meet the initial set of guidelines will advance to the second round of review focusing on the content of the nomination.  Each nomination will be independently rated by reviewers. In the third stage of review, finalists will be selected for site visits by members of the selection committee.

Questions? Contact Amy Gawad at or 410-502-7473.

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