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Instructions/Checklist for 2017 Small Grants for Research and Development


Instructions/Checklist for completing the 2017 UHI Small Grants Application are as follows (*Indicates required field.)  Click here to download instructions.

Cover Page*: 
Use provided template (download here). Include project title, name and signatures of primary Hopkins and Community Partner.

Type of Project:* Indicate the type of collaboration (undergraduate student, graduate, or faculty-community research or program development project).

Suggested Period of Performance:* Provide the project Start Date and the project End Date. The earliest start date is January 30, 2018.

Requested Budget:*  Provide the total funding requested from the Small Grants Program for this project.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)*: Indicate whether this project will require IRB approval. For research studies, IRB approval of human subjects is not required prior to review of an application; however, proof of IRB approval will be required prior to the initiation of the research study. (If unsure, click here:

  • IRB Approval: Please complete and submit the document entitled “Is IRB Approval Required?” if you are stating the project does NOT require IRB approval.  Student applications must include a faculty sponsor if IRB approval is required. Faculty sponsors will receive an honorarium for to recognize faculty for this contribution. Funds will not be provided until IRB approval is granted or it is determined that IRB approval is not required.
  • IRB Sponsor Name and Email: All student applicants must enter the name and email address of a faculty member willing to serve as their IRB sponsor if the project requires IRB approval.

Primary Faculty/Student Partner Information:* Complete information for all fields. Please use JH email and campus address. If there is more than one faculty or student partner, please list all and include a biographical sketches for all.  NOTE: For student-community proposals, you must include a signed copy of the provided Advisor’s Checklist template (download here).

Primary Community Partner Information:* Complete information for all fields. If there is more than one community partner, please list all and include biographical sketches for each.

Provide project abstract (brief summary of project). Abstracts should not exceed 200 words.

Project Narrative:*
The project narrative should not exceed four pages single-spaced. Please use 1-inch margins. The requested format of the application is as follows:

A. Introduction
B. Specific Aims, including a clear statement of the research questions for research proposals, and a clear statement of project goals for program development
C. Methodsfocusing on research methods for research projects and implementation plan for program development
D. Dissemination Plan: Outline the plan for sharing research findings and/or highlighting program successes and lessons learned
E. Significance: Indicate the implications for programs or policy as well as how the proposed work will lead to further activities

Proposed Budget*:
Use provided template (download here). Include direct costs only. Direct costs are those costs that can be identified specifically with the project. Indirect costs are not permitted.

  • Personnel: Salary support for Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, and students should be listed in the Personnel section. Enter the first and last name of each person requesting salary support. Enter the salary amount requested for each person.
  • Consultant Costs: Itemize and enter the estimated funds for consultants. Funding for community collaborators should be listed in Consultant Costs.
  • Supplies, Travel, and Other Expenses: Itemize and enter the estimated funds required for each field as applicable.
  • Total Requested Funds:* Enter the total costs. This number should match the requested budget from above.
  • Budget Justification:* Provide a narrative that explains the amounts requested for each line in the budget. The budget justification should specifically describe how each item will support the achievement of proposed objectives. The budget justification must clearly describe each cost element and explain how each cost contributes to meeting the project’s objectives/ goals.
  • List all additional funding sources for this project: If any part of this project is currently funded or is pending funding by another source, list the funding organization, total support amount, and dates of support.

Biographical Sketches of Hopkins and Community Partners:*
Attach biographical sketches for all persons contributing to the project; at least two biographical sketches must be attached (one for the community partner and one for the university partner). Each biographical sketch should be one page or less and include: name, current contact information, and professional experience


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