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Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute

Advancing Health Equity in Baltimore

The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute (UHI) works across the University to advance health and health equity in Baltimore via a wide range of programs, events, and educational and funding opportunities designed to facilitate collaborations, mobilize resources, and advance dialogue and community representation.

Baltimore Health Equity Impact Grants

Grants are awarded to partnerships between a student or faculty member at Johns Hopkins and a Baltimore-based community organization or agency that most successfully demonstrate the potential for advancing the health and well-being of the residents of Baltimore.


Baltimore Health Equity Impact Grants for community-based research and program development
Baltimore harbor

Strategic Consultation Grants for Baltimore City

This funding opportunity advances health in Baltimore by supporting Johns Hopkins faculty working directly with Baltimore City government and quasi-governmental agencies.

Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program

The program brings together a select group of community-based leaders who meet weekly over 10 months to strengthen their knowledge and skills so that they can leverage their organizations and businesses to address various social determinants of health.


Hopkins in East Baltimore

Go back to the 1930s to learn about the history of Johns Hopkins Institutions in East Baltimore.


Community Partners!

Learn more about our community partners and how we engage with organizations from across Baltimore through funding, capacity-building, co-sponsorship, and more!

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