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Join the Urban Health Institute as an Associate Director to Advance Health Equity in Baltimore


The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute (UHI) seeks visionary faculty members to join as Associate Directors (AD) to help guide UHI’s transformative journey to advance health and health equity in Baltimore. UHI offers a unique opportunity for passionate individuals with a commitment to collaboration, innovation, and community empowerment to make a tangible difference in Baltimore residents' lives. 

“Associate Directors play a vital role in the work that we do every day,” said UHI Director Lisa A. Cooper, MD, MPH. “Their leadership helps us achieve our goals through a wide range of programs, events, and educational and funding opportunities designed to facilitate collaborations, mobilize resources, and advance dialogue and community representation.”

UHI seeks four dedicated Johns Hopkins faculty members from any division to serve as Associate Directors and provide strategic and operational leadership to advance our three organizational goals:

Goal One - Facilitating and recognizing collaborations/cultivating and training leaders: 

Two Associate Directors are needed. 

  • One AD will focus on Partnerships to facilitate and recognize collaborations between communities, universities, healthcare delivery systems, government, and the private sector to build collective capacity for achieving health equity in Baltimore. This role guides UHI’s capacity-building workshops, the Baltimore Health Equity Impact Grants, the Speakers Bureau, and the curation of best practice guidelines for academic/community collaboration.
  • One AD will focus on Fellowship to cultivate and train neighborhood-level and community-based leaders to improve health equity and social justice outcomes in Baltimore. This includes overseeing the Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program Fellowship.

Goal Two - Mobilizing Resources for Change:

  • One AD will focus on Strategic Consultation for mobilizing resources to support promising strategies to improve Baltimore residents' health and well-being. This role supervises the Strategic Consultation Grants for Baltimore City program, policy development, and support coordination for major efforts to improve community health. 

Goal Three-Promoting Dialogue and Trust:

  • One AD will focus on Dialogue and Trust to lead efforts to promote dialogue, understanding, and trust among diverse stakeholders, creating pathways to health, well-being, and social justice. This includes the biennial Social Determinants of Health Symposium, the biennial Community-driven Research Day, the annual Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award, and the co-sponsorship of academic and community events aligned with the strategic goals.

Support from UHI

As an Associate Director, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of UHI's programs and initiatives. The 2-year term starts July 1, 2024 – September 1, 2024, with an option for renewal, and provides 10% to 20% salary support. The end date will be based on the need for a transition period for incumbent and new Associate Directors. You will have the resources and autonomy to drive meaningful change in Baltimore with the support of the dedicated UHI team. Associate Directors report directly to the UHI Director.

How to Apply

If you are ready to join us in our mission to advance health equity in Baltimore, we invite you to submit the following materials by 5:00 pm on Monday, May 13th:

1. A one-page letter describing your interest in becoming an Associate Director, including your qualifications, training, and experience.

2. A one-page summary of your vision for the specific goal you are applying for, outlining how UHI can support this work with examples of activities you would like to see implemented.

3. A letter of support from your department chair and/or division chief indicating their support for your application and your availability to fulfill the role.

Please send your complete application, along with your CV, to

Get in Touch

For any questions or further information, please get in touch with Brandin Bowden at