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Winner Of The Inaugural Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award 2011

Newborn Holistic Ministries is one of nearly two dozen established community-university collaborations from across the city nominated for the inaugural Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award. Named in honor of Henrietta Lacks, the $15,000 award recognizes and supports Baltimore community organizations that are collaborating with Johns Hopkins University to improve the health and well-being of the city of Baltimore.

Newborn Holistic Ministries was founded in 1996 to preserve and enrich life in Baltimore’s Sandtown-Winchester and Upton communities by providing services to enable residents to meet their material, social, and spiritual needs. Newborn has achieved significant revitalization to the 1900 and 2000 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue while also running Martha’s Place, a program for women overcoming drug addiction and homelessness, and Jubilee Arts, a program that offers arts classes and cultural opportunities as alternatives to violence and drugs. Johns Hopkins collaborates with Newborn through student internships and by providing resident physicians who serve clients of Martha’s Place.

In the Media:

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