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Graduate Student – Community Grants

  • Boone Street Farm Community Cooking Classes
    Graduate Student: Ann Suk, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Community Partner: Cheryl Carmona, Executive Director, Boone Street Farm
  • Expansion of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program and Summer Student Educational
    Graduate Student: Patrick Boone, Doctoral Candidate, Johns Hopkins Environmental Health Science
    Community Partner: Cheryl Carmona, Executive Director, Boone Street Farm
  • Evaluation and Dissemination of a Smart Phone Application to Improve Access to Medical Forensic Care Following Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in Baltimore City
    Graduate Student: Jocelyn Anderson, Doctoral Candidate
    Community Partners: Erin Lamar and Debra Holbrook, Registered Nurses, Mercy Medical Center
  • Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Community Engagement Project: Speaking and Writing for Change
    Graduate Student: Liz Coleclough, Doctoral Candidate
    Community Partner: Sally Hess, Training Coordinator, House of Ruth Maryland
  • Voice Over Violence
    Graduate Student: Kristina (Gia) Naranjo-Rivera, Doctoral Candidate
    Community Partner: Gary Dittman, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
  • Talking Business: Bringing Store Owners and Business Experts Together to Identify Strategies for Rendering Stocking and Sales of Healthier Foods/Beverages Profitable in Corner Stores
    Graduate Student: Claudia Nau, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Community Partners: Tony Lawerence, Owner, Tony’s and Mary’s Gethsemane, Dorothy Skipwith, Owner, Mamma Mamie’s Grocery
  • Formative Research to Sustain a Nutrition Curriculum In Baltimore City Recreation Centers
    Graduate Student: Angela Cristina Bizzotto Trude, Doctoral Student
    Community Partners: Ernest Burkeen, Director, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, Stella Clanton, Recreation Programmer, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks

Faculty – Community Grants

  • Adherence to Follow-Up Care Instructions After the Emergency Department Visit – Infusing the Patient Perspective
    Faculty Partners: Ellie Klein, PhD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Erica Shelton, MD, MPH, MHS, Instructor of Emergency Medicine
    Community Partner: Rev. Debra Hickman, President/CEO, Sisters Together and Reaching (STAR)
  • Integrating Injury Prevention into a Healthy Aging Program for Older Urban Adults
    Faculty Partner: Eileen M. McDonald, Associate Scientist and Johns Hopkins Safety Centers Directors
    Community Partner: Betsy D. Simon, MS, CHES, Zeta Center for Healthy and Active Aging
  • Meeting the Needs of Baltimore’s Transgender Residents: A Community Needs Assessment
    Faculty Partner: Tonia Poteat, PhD, MPH, PA-C, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
    Community Partner: Jean-Michel Brevelle, Coordinator, Transgender Response Team
  • Utilizing Healthcare Providers to Interrupt the Cycle of Violence in Urban Communities
    Faculty Partners: Katrina J. Debnam, Ph.D., Assistant Scientist, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Sarah Lindstrom Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Krishna K. Upadhya, M.D., Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
    Community Partners: Kelley Hampton, Esq, Director of Programs, Break the Cycle, Erin Clark, MPH, MBA, Program Specialist, Break the Cycle
  • Fostering Weight Control among Underserved Adults In Baltimore City: A Community Partnership
    Faculty Partners: Janice Bowie, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, HBS, Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, Associate Professor, HBS
    Community Partner: Marcia Cort, MD, MBA, Total Health Care, Inc.
  • Informing A Social Marketing Campaign To Reduce HIV-Related Stigma in the Latino Community
    Faculty Partner: Kathleen Page, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
    Community Partner: Patrick Chaulk, Baltimore City H