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Undergraduate Student – Community Grants

  • Sail-Ability Program at the Downtown Sailing Center
    Theresa Marshall, Undergraduate, Business Management
    Community Partners: Peter Hegel, Deputy Director for Outreach, Downtown Sailing Center
    Ebony Vaughan, Program Manager, MENTOR Maryland
  • Health Literacy Initiative Days
    Eruejerien Okoh, Undergraduate, Peabody Institute
    Community Partner: Jeanette Seaman, Greater Homewood Corporation
  • Unrealized Potential: Preparing East Baltimore Youth for Sustainable Careers in Science, Engineering and Medicine
    Aaron Chance, Undergraduate, Department of Neuroscience & Bioethics
    Community Partners: Aubrey Jordan, Undergraduate, Department of Psychology
    Valencia Warnock, Site Director, The Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center

Graduate Student – Community Grants

  • Volunteer Stress and Burnout in ExperienceCorps Baltimore
    Vijay Varma, Graduate Student, Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Community Partner: Sylvia McGill, Director, ExperienceCorps
  • Acculturation and Migration as a Risk Factor for HIV Among Latinos in Baltimore
    Nadine Chen, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Division of General Internal Medicine
    Community Partner: Kathleen Page, Latino HIV Outreach Program Director, Baltimore City Health Department
  • Recovering a Sense of Place: Environment and Community in Treatment (ReSPECT) for Addiction
    Joshua Garoon, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Health Behavior and Society
    Community Partner: Peter Bruun, Director, Art on Purpose
  • Transitioning to Independence: Assessing the ReEntry Environment for Young Adult Former Prisoners
    Eva Moore, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Division of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
    Community Partner: Reverend Horace Smith, President/Executive Director, Group Ministries, Inc.
  • Characterizing the Need for Mental Health Services in Baltimore Youth
    Brad Sutton, Clinical Fellow, Division of Cardiology
    Community Partner: Susan Tibbels, Principal, New Song Academy
  • Improving HIV Preventive Services in Baltimore through Geospatial Analyses
    Adam Milam, Graduate Student, Department of Health, Behavior and Society
    Community Partner: Reverend Debra Hickman, President, Sister’s Together and Reaching (STAR)

Faculty – Community Grants

  • Neighborhood Characteristics and Stress During Pregnancy: A Community Perspective in Baltimore
    Cynthia Minkovitz, Professor, Department of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health
    Community Partner: Maxine Reed Vance, Director of Quality Assurance and Clinical Affairs, Baltimore City Health Start
  • Finding Our Wings Community Documentary Program
    Jacquelyn Duval-Harvey, Instructor, Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Community Partner: Kirsten D’Andrea Hollander, Director, Finding Our Wings
  • Passport to Health: Taking Charge of your Health; Empowering Intimate Partner Violence Survivors to Become Their Own Health Advocates
    Patty Wilson, Faculty, Department of Community-Public Health Nursing
    Community Partner: Janice Miller, Residential Services Director, House of Ruth Maryland
  • Birth Companions Services for New Refugees: Partnering With the International Rescue Committee
    Elizabeth T. Jordan, Assistant Professor, Community Public Health Nursing
    Community Partner: Erica DelViscio, Senior Manager, Organization International Rescue Committee