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2023 Baltimore Health Equity Impact Grant Recipients

Graduate Student – Community Grants

  1. Assessing the Relationship Between a Community Safety Program and Beliefs Toward Substance use Disorder Treatment
    Student Partner: Justin Rose, PhD Student, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Community Partner: Daisy Heartberg, Director of Public Safety Programs, Greater Baybrook Alliance
  2. Community-engaged Approach to Increasing Electrification and Health Equity in East Baltimore
    Student Partner: Katie Nelson, PhD Student, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
    Community Partner: Melanie Santiago-Mosier, Vice President, Climate, Energy & Equity | Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
  3. Eat 2 Thrive Sandtown-Winchester
    Student Partner: Monique Parker, MEH Program, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
    Community Partner: Jayson Green, New Song Community Learning Center
  4. Linkage from Jail to Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder at PCARE: A Mixed Methods Evaluation 
    Student Partner: Ashley Truong, PhD Student, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Community Partner: Deborah Agus, Behavioral Health Leadership Institute
  5. Refugee Health Partnership with Asylee Women’s Enterprise 
    Student Partner: Marcelina Kubica and Katie Welgan, MD Student, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
    Community Partner: Laura Brown, Asylee Women Enterprise

Undergraduate Student – Community Grants

  1. Together for Youth: Barriers, Facilitators, and Opportunities to Support Delivery of Comprehensive Sex Education in Baltimore City 
    Student Partner: Maclaine Barre-Quick, Student, Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts & Sciences
    Community Partner: Karen Hodges, Baltimore City College 

Faculty – Community Grants

  1. Trauma-Informed Care Program – Esperanza Center, HEAL Collaborative, and Johns Hopkins Partnership 
    Faculty Partner: Katie O'Conor, Research Associate, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
    Community Partner: Amy Collier, Division Director, Community Services Catholic Charities of Baltimore
  2. Visions and Voices: A Docu-Series of Black Youth Storytelling Through the Nobody Asked Me Campaign 
    Faculty Partner: Richard Lofton, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Education
    Community Partner: Charneice Fox, Partner/Executive Producer, The PKWY Agency