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Eighth Annual Social Determinants of Health Symposium

Thriving! What Communities And People Need To Succeed

Community leaders, researchers, philanthropists and more gathered to discuss how communities and people thrive at the 8th annual Social Determinants of Health Symposium, "Thriving! What Communities and People Need to Succeed". Throughout the day speakers shared what they’ve learned from the work they have done, what efforts have had a positive impact on Baltimore residents, and what can be adopted and adapted to help families and communities in Baltimore City thrive! Thank you to all attendees and panelists that joined in on the discussion about the current efforts being made in our communities, as well as, brain stormed solutions that can help communities and people go beyond surviving and focus on thriving! 

Learn more about our speakers, view this year's agenda, and catch highlights from the event on our blog by clicking the buttons below. 

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