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Directory of Organizations

Looking for a community-based organization to partner with for research or program development? If so, check out our directory below of organizations that are interested in community-university partnerships. 

  • Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group
  • Creative Nomads
  • Greater Baltimore Urban League
  • Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc.
  • The Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture (“The Peale”)

  • RICH in Music: Refugee – Immigrant Connection & Healing
  • Touching Young Lives, Inc.
  • Young Kings Leadership Academy

Organization Name: Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group (BJHSG)

Organization’s Mission and Background: The Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group (BJHSG) provides individuals experiencing long-term unemployment (LTU) and prolonged underemployment a place where they can network over a nutritious meal and find understanding and acceptance rather than blame, judgement, and humiliation. In addition, the group provides updated job search skills from revising and adding volunteer experience to their resumes to writing cover letters and developing a strong LinkedIn profile. Individuals also develop a supportive network that helps them cope, separate their identity from their working status, get unstuck and develop an active job search campaign.

Interests: We are seeking a research partner to assist us in conducting a program evaluation to examine the effectiveness of the Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group (BJHSG) intervention model.

Our aim is to answer the following questions:

  1. Is participation in the BJHSG associated with a decrease in the participant's symptoms of depression, anxiety, and perceived stress?
  2. Is participation in the BJHSG associated with a positive change in perceived overall well-being, social standing, and increased adaptive coping?

We propose using focus groups and surveys to collect qualitative and quantitative data from current group members, new members and alum of the BJHSG.

Contact: Rose Belanger

Organization Name:  Creative Nomads

Organization’s Mission and Background: Creative Nomads' mission is to both enhance the professional development of arts entrepreneurs and to provide access to art, music, and cultural education and programming for youth and families.

Needs/Interests: Creative Nomads is a growing organization looking to have a greater impact with the youth and families we currently work with and community members we will work with in the future. We are seeking research support regarding best practices for parent engagement in schools, educational programs, art and music as educational tools, and program evaluation methods to gauge impact. 


Organization Name: Greater Baltimore Urban League (GBUL)

Organization’s Mission and Background: The Greater Baltimore Urban League (GBUL) is a dominant force for equal opportunity in Maryland. It was founded in 1924 by Rev. Peter Ainslie, John R. Cary, and Dr. Charles S. Johnson. For 94 years, GBUL led multiple efforts to open opportunities and integrate institutions, including the Baltimore City Fire Department, the University of Maryland, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, the Baltimore Medical Society, and the Baltimore Emergency Relief Commission. GBUL publishes the annual State of Black Baltimore documenting social conditions in Baltimore and sits on the board of the Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC), the Maryland working group of ESSA Leadership Learning Community (ELLC), and the Maryland Coalition for Equity. Complementing its advocacy, convening, and social research, GBUL operates wide-ranging programs that consistently achieve their collective goal to remove barriers and foster success serving the Greater Baltimore Region. All programs are offered at no cost.

Interests:  The Greater Baltimore Urban League (GBUL) seeks a JHU faulty or student to help code and analyze qualitative data from focus groups and student work (e.g. community maps).  GBUL employs a formative evaluation approach to all programs as a strategy to integrate program data into programmatic decision-making (Empowerment Evaluation, Fetterman, D. 1994).  The evaluation plan establishes a standardized cycle of data collection including measures of program quality and intermediate benchmarks towards annual program outcome goals.  These intermediate measures provide the critical first assessment of whether GBUL programs are on target to meet their objectives.  Reviewing these indicators early allow mid-course corrections. Programs to be evaluated include college and career readiness program, youth workforce development, and micro-entrepreneurship.  

Contact: Estelle Young, Director of New Initiatives, Greater Baltimore Urban League

Organization Name: Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc.

Organization’s Mission and Background:  Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center (LTYC) supports youths, ages 5-18, in the state of Maryland with arts programs that empower them to excel in the arts, academics, and social development. By providing opportunities and resources that otherwise would not be available, LTYC programs build higher self-esteem and self-worth in young people who are yearning for success.

Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center is committed to developing positive social development, academic success and creativity in the minds of youth today. Our mission is to teach youth the fundamentals of leadership and encourage them to use their gifts and strengths to promote success and balance in their lives.


Research - We are seeking research support regarding best practices for parent engagement, program evaluation methods, and diversifying and locating funding for small non profit organizations that are education and arts based.

Programmatic -  We are interested in partnering with a JHU student or faculty member to deliver training on working in urban schools, and best practices around delivering instruction in the arts. We will be putting together a small cohort to go through ongoing training connected to these topics.

Contact: Dana Carr,, 443-261-LTYC (443-261-5892)

Organization Name: The Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture (“The Peale”)

Organization’s Mission and Background:  The Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture is a cultural commons, a new kind of museum for the 21st century, based in the oldest museum building in the United States. Through community-led cultural storytelling and programming, the Peale helps people see Baltimore in a new light by enabling its creators and culture-keepers to produce and share new and more inclusive narratives of the City, its places, and the diverse people who have made Baltimore what it is today.

Interests: The Peale is interested in partnering with community organizations and individuals to further our mission to help create a more inclusive cultural record for the city of Baltimore. We aim to support the city’s storytellers, culture-keepers, and creators by providing micro-grants, training in digital publishing, and greater visibility locally and globally through online platforms for authentic Baltimore stories.

Contact: Nancy Proctor, Executive Director, 301-642-6257

Organization Name: RICH in Music: Refugee – Immigrant Connection & Healing (fiscally sponsored by Fusion Partnerships)

Organization’s Mission and Background: RICH in Music: Refugee – Immigrant Connection & Healing supports refugees and other vulnerable immigrants in the Baltimore area, by providing music therapy and other positive music experiences. The organization co-facilitates a free community choir for refugees and immigrants to help newcomers make connections with others while developing their voices and having fun. RICH in Music also offers music therapy services to eligible groups and individuals who are refugees or other vulnerable immigrants. Music therapy is an evidence-based health profession. It can help refugees and other immigrants cope with life changes and trauma, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce feelings of isolation and provide other benefits. Additionally, the organization tries to match individuals who would like to take music lessons with a volunteer music teacher. Currently, there is no charge for any of these services but the organization prioritizes potential clients according to need.

Interests: RICH in Music is interested in working with a JHU faculty member or student to host a training in Baltimore on working with refugees and immigrants for creative arts therapists, including music, art, drama, and dance and movement therapists. While many creative arts therapists have training and expertise in trauma, working with refugees and immigrants can involve different skills and knowledge. RICH in Music has connections with potential trainers and participants but would benefit from co-organizing the event as well as identifying relevant research from the various creative arts therapy disciplines. Training materials would include an extensive reference list and other resources. Additional information is also needed on appropriate measures for client and program assessment and evaluation for using creative arts therapies with refugees and immigrants.

The training will build on the information and needs identified in the research study below.

Tenney, A. B. (2018). Music Therapists’ Practices with Refugees in the U.S.: A Descriptive Study. Unpublished manuscript.

Contact: Amy Bliss Tenney, J.D., MAMT, MT-BC, Director and Music Therapist, RICH in Music: Refugee-Immigrant Connection & Healing; 

Organization Name: Touching Young Lives, Inc.

Organization’s Mission and Background: Touching Young Lives, Incorporated is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on the health and well-being of infants and children by providing resources and infant care education to parents and caregivers by providing best practice education and essential resources. In April 2017, Touching Young Lives launched the Portable Alternative Crib initiative. The Portable Alternative Crib is a cardboard box with padding at the bottom that can be used to sleep infants safely. The Portable Alternative Crib initiative has grown to assist families in Baltimore city, Baltimore county, Cecil County, Charles County and Frederick County. Over 3,000 Portable Alternative Cribs have been provided to assist families and caregivers offer a safe sleeping space for their infants.

Interests:  We are interested in cross analyzing some of the demographic data of the Portable Alternative Crib recipients and post assessment outcomes in preparation for potential publishing. Data is collected from the parents and caregivers when the infant is 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months of age.

Contact: Shantell Roberts, Founder and Executive Director, Touching Young Lives, Inc.

Organization Name: Young Kings' Leadership Academy (YKLA)

Organization’s Mission and Background: Young Kings' Leadership Academy (YKLA) is an after school (school-based) program that serves Black male middle school students in Baltimore City and illuminates their full potential by providing unique learning opportunities beyond the classroom. We cultivate scholars to enthusiastically strive for academic excellence and transformational leadership that positively impact the culture of their school and the communities that they live in.

Interests:  As a new organization, we are currently seeking research support regarding best curricular practices for Black male achievement and/or program evaluation measures to determine the most impactful ways to measure effectiveness.