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Co-Sponsorship Guidelines and Request

Guidelines and requirements for co-sponsorship of academic and community events, programs, and initiatives

The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute (UHI) works across the University to advance health and health equity in Baltimore via a wide range of programs, events, educational, and funding opportunities designed to facilitate collaborations, mobilize resources, and advance dialogue and community representation. Through co-sponsorship, we aim to provide funding and/or logistical support to organizations, academic centers, and departments who share and support our mission with the following objectives:

  • To define how the UHI lends its name and iconography to co-sponsor events and initiatives of others.
  • To offer co-sponsorships as a vehicle for increasing participation and attendance for programs and initiatives.
  • To expand impact both internally and externally by co-sponsoring programs and initiatives.
  • To unify efforts across Johns Hopkins and Baltimore.

Types of Co-Sponsorship

  • Financial co-sponsorship is when the UHI provides financial support for events, programs, and initiatives that align with the UHI’s strategic goals.
  • Non-Financial Resource co-sponsorship must be aligned with the UHI’s strategic goals and is a collaboration where UHI provides expertise of its team by jointly arranging an event, program, or initiative and contributing to its programming. This type of co-sponsorship may include:
    • Logistical and planning support
    • Marketing and advertising
  • Full co-sponsorship is when UHI provides both financial and non-financial resource support.

Requirements for Co-Sponsorship

Co-sponsored events, programs, and initiatives should meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete our online application for co-sponsorship.
  2. Co-sponsorship of an event, program, or initiative must align with the UHI mission and strategic goals of the UHI.
  3. Use of the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute's name and logo on marketing and promotional material must be approved and provided by the Urban Health Institute's Communications Coordinator.

How to Request

The UHI will apply these guidelines for requests of co-sponsorships. If you are interested in having the UHI co-sponsor your event, program, or initiative, please review these co-sponsorship guidelines and begin by completing the online request form here. (Note: Average amount awarded is $2000).

With questions, please email us at To download a copy of the guidelines, please click here.