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Community Committees

We consult with community leaders, advocates, and organizations from across Baltimore who help us make decisions with funding partnerships, our programs, events, and initiatives. Through a variety of different committees we have representation from various sectors across Baltimore, including, faith-based organizations, education, public office, government, non-profit, corporate, and more! Learn more below.

Community-University Coordinating Council

The Community University Coordinating Council (CUCC) provides guidance and assistance to the UHI by ensuring that the priorities of the UHI are in line with those of the University and the community. Below are organizations and institutions members of our council, past and present, represent. Learn more about the Council here.

Funding Opportunities Committees

Below are organizations and institutions that have been represented on our funding opportunities selection committees. Learn more about our funding opportunities here.

Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program Selection Committee

Below are community-based organizations and institutions that have been represented on the selection committee for our Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program. Learn more about the Fellowship here.